The Sustainable Nitrogen Foundation

About the Foundation

The Sustainable Nitrogen Foundation has been established to meet the desperate need we have globally to reduce the pollution and harmful greenhouse gas emissions derived from the use of synthetic nitrogen fertilisers while maintaining or improving crop yields to ensure food security for all.

The Foundation secures funding and supports research that will lead to the development of global uptake and use of nitrogen-fixing bacteria as an alternative to synthetic nitrogen fertilisers – particularly research on the intracellular nitrogen-fixing bacterium Gluconacetobacter diazotrophicus leading to its application in subsistence crops (for example millet, yams, cassava and sweat potato) and small-holder farmer use in developing countries. 

G. diazotrophicus enters crops by intracellular colonisation of the cells of the root meristems and this can be achieved by coating germinating seeds with the bacteria. Spraying of crops with Gd is not suitable since there is no intracellular colonisation by the bacteria via leaf surfaces. The Sustainable Nitrogen Foundation is committed to the safe and environmentally sustainable use of nitrogen-fixing microbes